We only make it on Wednesdays, although we usually do enough so we can freezee some of it and can use it on other days. Normally, we ask that you pre order it because the baking process is a little bit more complicated and we must calculate how many sourdough we will need.

Actually, it does carry yeasts, but we do not add them as a direct ingredient. Our sourdough is a natural culture of all kinds of bacteria and yeasts, many of them capable of fermenting the sugar contained in the flours. In the sourdough that we obtain from the mixture of flour and water, there are enough ferments to make this bread without having to add fresh yeast. This bread is a little bit thicker and has an intense flavor. We try that this bread is not too acidic, which can be one of the problems of working only with sourdough.

It is a bread suitable for people with yeast intolerance.

Very often, when follwing a diet for candidiasis, it is recommended to eat unleavened foods (although these type of bacteria do not eat other yeasts, only sugars).

Weight: About 480 grams.


Organic whole grain spelt flour.

Spelt sourdough.


Contains gluten.


Since they are produced in an environment where there are other ingredients that can produce allergy, all of our products may contain traces of:

Gluten eggs soy milk

Nuts and sesame seeds