One of our most original and spicy cookie.

It combines the sweetness of the candied lemon with the intensity of the black pepper and other spices, resulting in a little bit spicy cookie. Very comforting in winter, especially accompanied by a hot tea or herbal tea.

Honey and sugar canes give these cookies a very sweet flavor.

If you love spices this is your cookie.


Chickpea and rice flours.

Non-hydrogenated vegetable margarine.

The seven species: coriander, cinnamon, pepper, ginger, nutmeg, cardamom and a secret spice,

Cane sugar and honey.

Candied lemon.

Baking soda.

Egg and milk free.

Information on allergens

Margarine contains soy.

Since they are produced in an environment where there are other ingredients that can produce allergy, all of our products may contain traces of:

Gluten Eggs Soy Milk

Nuts and sesame seeds