This loaf has a crisp texture on the outside and is very soft on the inside. We do not want this loaf to have a crust too thick (unlike the long loaf or the rustic loafs). That is why we cook it just until it gets the perfect crunch.

Ideal for sandwiches or as table bread. We can also cut into slices and use it to make sandwiches, “tapas” or “pa amb tomàquet”.

It stays fresh more than three days well-wrapped in the refrigerator. We recommend that you toast it for just one minute before eating it to remove the cold and moisture from the refrigerator.

It is also very easy to freeze if you like to always have bread available to make your sandwiches or to eat with your meals.

Weight: 200-210 grams.


Refined wheat four (Zamora tradition).

Yeast and sourdough (we only add a small quantity because we want this bread to be very soft).


Contains gluten.


Since they are produced in an environment where there are other ingredients that can produce allergy, all of our products may contain traces of:

Gluten eggs soy milk

Nuts and sesame seeds