The most popular cookies over the past few years. At the beginning we used chocolatechips but one day we forgot to put them, and we decided to cover the cookies with chocolate. It was a succes and our clients told us that that they like them beeter this way.

It is a vegan and fiber-rich cookie since it is made from organic whole-grain buckwheat flour. Dark chocolate (70% cacao).

The nuts and dehydrated bananas give this cookies a cruchy touch.

Both children and adults love this cookie because it has a very balanced flavor.

They will stay fresh for up to two weeks and you can keep them in a metal box or glass jar.

If you have not tasted it yet and you like chocolate, do not miss it!


Organic whole-grain buckwheat flour.

Non-hydrogenated vegetable margarine.

Dehydrated banana

Dark chocolate.

Cane sugar.


Baking soda.

Egg and milk free.

Information on allergens

Margarine and chocolate contain soy.

Contains nuts.

Since they are produced in an environment where there are other ingredients that can produce allergy, all of our products may contain traces of:

Gluten eggs soy milk

Nuts and sesame seeds