To make this delicious bread sticks we use the same recipe we use to make our buckwheat and rice gluten-free bread. Along with our olive gluten-free bread sticks and the ones that contain seeds. These sticks are a healthy snack for when you are hungy but you do not want to eat any any sugars or fats.

It is a dense stick, with an intense flavor and rich in fiber. This fiber comes from the organic buckwheat whole flour, which is the main ingredient of these sticks.

We add a little bit of sourdough to soften their flavor and texture,

Instead of gluten, we use xanthan gum.

As they are small and thin and they dry fast. They stay fresh for a day or two.

We sell them by weight The indicated price is for 100 grams.


Organic whole-grain buckwheat flour.

Rice flour and rice sourdough.


sunflower oil.

Xanthan gum.


Egg and milk free.

Information on allergens

Since they are produced in an environment where there are other ingredients that can produce allergy, all our products may contain traces of:

Gluten eggs soy milk

Nuts and sesame seeds