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Cooked in wood oven
In our bakery, there is only one oven, so all the products are cooked in the same way, cooked in wood oven.

Which kind of bread do you prefer to eat with your meals?
Traditional white bread
a slashed loaf of white bread
Wholemeal bread with or without cereals
I don't eat bread with my meals

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For more than eighty years, Fortino’s family have been working to make the best bread that we can; four generations of bakers keeping the same craftsmanship in the productive methods, and the same way of baking.

Examples of that are the wood oven (don’t let them to cheat you, in Barcelona there are only two or three bakeries of this kind), or the seven hours that every night we use to make our products.

In spite of that fact, we have begun to make all kinds of wholemeal products with cereals, (breads, cookies, pastries), with or without wheat, ecological products, without stoping of making the traditional Spanish white bread, that at least, ours is not so bad. So our catalogue begins with this white bread and finishes with a bread 100% made with wholemeal rye flower flour, going through, for example, soya and pistachio cookies or a pastries made of honey, sunflower seeds, lemon and yogurt.
For security reasons the list with the ingredients of our breads that you can find in the products section is incomplete.

Craftsmanship and ingredients of quality

The only way to make the best bread is to use the best ingredients, and use old techniques for its production, like to use mother yeast, or use as time as the bread needs.
Knowing that, the flours that we use are 100% wholemeal flours, without, for example, odd mixures of white flour and bran, so our breads have all the taste, texture and fibre.

As a result, our bread it’s a little bit heavier than others, that lasts five days without refrigerator, and with an extraordinary taste, that we hope that you like it as much as we do.

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