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Cooked in wood oven
In our bakery, there is only one oven, so all the products are cooked in the same way, cooked in wood oven.

Which kind of bread do you prefer to eat with your meals?
Traditional white bread
a slashed loaf of white bread
Wholemeal bread with or without cereals
I don't eat bread with my meals

The Good Bread

Are you enough of warm white bread?

It’s very possible that you have some problems to find, here in Spain, the bread that you are used to eat in the countries where you come from.
The traditional bread of Catalonia, (and of the majority of Spain, too) is made only with wheat flour, without being wholemeal flour, and it’s very soft and light. In addition to that, the quality of the bread in Spain has decreased a lot since appearance of large bakeries.
These large bakeries work with frozen mass of bread, and have introduced the concept of the warm bread, usually extremely bad warm bread after few minutes after buying it.
So the bread of Spain is very different from the typical German bread, or from the bread of the Nordic countries, usually made with more or less proportion of rye flower wholemeal flour, and with a few cereals.

If you are looking for heavy wholemeal bread,
If you are looking for bread that lasts more than a few hours,
If you are looking for bread with really good taste,
If you are looking for bread cooked in wood owen,
If you are looking for true wholemeal bread with cereals...

Check our web page because the Fortino’s bakery will solve these kind of troubles for you.

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